Thursday, April 20, 2006

In the news...

Our work at Verdmont and elsewhere featured in the local news - first a story in the Mid-Ocean News, followed by coverage of the open day at Verdmont House in the Bermuda Sun.

With the fieldwork phase of the research project now completed, we are beginning reporting and planning of future work. All of us on the project team are very grateful to our friends and colleagues in Bermuda for their support and enthusiasm... in particular Richard and Anna Lowry, Nicki O'Leary, Steve Conway, Diana and Nigel Chudleigh, Stephen Copeland and Ronnie Watlington.

More pictures of our work will be posted here soon, as well as links to the reports when they are finished. Apologies for not updating more frequently when we were actually there, for which we blame the very slow connection in the Archaeology Lab.


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